innovative use
of technology

Skilfully hidden behind the elegant walls and floors of an Earlcrown project is state-of-the-art technology. Each has thousands of miles of high-tech cabling, advanced communications devices, and sophisticated home entertainment and security facilities. The temperature management, lighting and ambience of every living space exceeds the sensitivity of an advanced motorcar.

impeccable restoration & refurbishment

When painstaking restoration work is required to transform a building with an illustrious history into a new, amazing and luxurious home, restored fireplaces, flooring, architraves, ceiling roses, cabinets, pediments and cornicing is undertaken to the finest level of master craftsmanship to ensure quality and historic accuracy. This meticulous attention makes each Earlcrown residence truly historic, special and unique.

fine attention
to detail

During the planning stages the flow of space and ergonomic design of the accommodation is carefully evaluated to ensure that the interiors maximise space, light and comfort for the occupants. Each project is meticulously studied to ensure that the owners have total privacy and freedom, with separate main and staff entrances, principal and back staircases and connecting hallways all skilfully designed to ensure that staff and security can have complete access yet never disturb the owners.

our unique signature

For each project undertaken, Earlcrown call upon the best architects, space planners, craftsmen and artists from around the world and use only the very finest materials. They form a dedicated team who spend endless man-hours in project management to ensure that each scheme evolves from initial planning and design, through rigorous selection of the finest specifications, to ensure a finished product of the very finest value. The end result is a masterpiece, not just a living space.

our philosophy

Earlcrown’s philosophy is one of complete discretion. The company has a genuine understanding of the expectations of today’s elite and creates the ultimate lifestyle solutions for clients who appreciate the finest things in life.